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This isn't your average trivia game.

You're about to compete on a game show unlike any other. We're giving you $1,000,000... and 10 questions to answer. How much of that million you'll be able to walk away with depends on how fast you can correctly answer those questions.

And these questions aren't easy.

It's pop culture mixed with trivia, shaken and served up in some mind-bending questions. Get ready to face a variety of general knowledge questions in categories like Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Food and Drink, History, Science and Nature, Gaming, Business and Finance, Religion, and more.

Oh, and the host? Well, he's no Alex Trebek. Or Wink Martindale. Hell, he's not even even Chuck Woolery.

Think you got the smarts to come out on top and take home the cash? He doesn't think you do. Good luck. You're going to need it.

  • Three play modes:
    • Solo play
    • Competitive play for head-to-head showdown
    • Daily play for an exciting new question every day
  • Hundreds of questions for hours of play*
  • Full game show experience with host Snarky McHost
  • Facebook integration
  • Fully captioned for hearing-impaired players or quiet time play
  • Downloadable question packs add hundreds and hundreds of new questions, for more hours of enjoyment
  • Works on both tablets and phones

*Free version has teasers that include a couple games of each of our question packs.


The game will work on any iOS device that is running iOS 6.0 or higher. Because of screen size, however, Competitive Play mode will only work on the iPad, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.


The game should work on all Android devices (including Kindle Fire and NOOK tablets) that are running Android 2.3.3 or higher, are powered by a dual- or quad-core processor built on the ARMv7 architecture, and have a screen resolution of at least 1280x800. Devices with a single core processor (built on the ARMv7 architecture) can also run the game, though there may be some performance issues. While the game will run on devices with a smaller screen and devices with a resolution of 1024x600, button text will be small and the buttons might be hard to accurately tap in Competitive Play mode.

Get the game
Full version

Includes hundreds of questions in the bundled General Knowledge question pack!

Buy it at the iTunes App Store

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Free version

Includes teasers of our question packs for several games of fun.

Buy it at the iTunes App Store

Buy it at the Google Play store

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download your games?

Our games are available in the iTunes store, the Google Play store, and the Amazon Appstore. Links to the games in each app store are above and on the What D'Ya Know? page.

What happened to the What D'Ya Know? Today app?

We've put the daily question feature into the full What D'Ya Know? app, which is now available for both phones and tablets. So What D'Ya Know? Today has become the What D'Ya Know? Free version, where you can still play the free daily trivia question as well as purchase and download question packs to expand the amount of fun you can have.

What is the difference between the Full version and the Free version of What D'Ya Know?

The apps themselves are the same. The only difference is that the Full version comes with the original General Knowledge question pack included; the Free version does not come bundled with this question pack.

Both versions include teasers that allow you to play a couple games of each of our question packs, along with access to the free bonus Holiday question pack. Both versions allow you to purchase and download new question packs, and from time to time, we will also release free question packs playable on both versions.

I had both What D'Ya Know? and What D'Ya Know? Today installed. Now that I downloaded updates, I have two apps installed that are basically the same. Should I leave them both installed?

We recommend removing the What D'Ya Know? Free version from your device, and just playing the What D'Ya Know? Full version. If you purchase any question packs, they will only work with the version of the app from which you purchase them. Since the Full version already has the original General Knowledge (Vol. 1) question pack bundled, it makes sense to have that one be the one you play.

Do I really win any money in What D'Ya Know?

No, this is just a fun game; there is no real cash prize.


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